Cancellation & Refund Policy

This document was last updated on April 13, 2016.

I understand and acknowledge that I have 60 days from day of class to complete the Online Simulated Test (Final Exam) and receive a passing grade of 80% or better in order to receive my Certificate of Completion. If the simulated exam is not completed within 60 days of class but within 6 months, a reinstatement fee of $150.00 will apply. If it is over 6 months, the class will have to be taken again at the rate of a new student.

  • Should 1st Academy substantially fail to furnish the instruction or services agreed upon in the enrollment agreement, a 100% refund will be awarded.
  • If a student cancels the enrollment before the start of the training program, 1st Academy shall refund the student all monies paid by the student less 10% of the tuition or $150 whichever is less.
  • Complimentary refresher courses/tutoring are allowed for students that fail to meet the minimum grade of 70% for up to six months without penalty. 70% is the minimum passing grade on classroom quizzes and tests.
  • If a student withdraws or is expelled after the start of the training program and before the completion of more than 60% of the program, 1st Academy shall refund to the student a pro rata amount of tuition based upon student attendance minus 10% or $150, which ever is less.
  • If a student fails to attend class, withdraws or is expelled by the institution after completion of more than 60% of the program, the student may forfeit any pro rata share of tuition.
  • All above stated excess monies collected shall be refunded within 15  calendar days after date of cancellation by a student, date of termination by 1st Academy, the last day of an authorized leave of absence if the student fails to return after the period of said absence; or the last day of attendance of a student whichever is applicable.
  • Books, educational supplies or equipment for individual use are not included in the above stated policy for refund and a separate refund will be paid to the student by 1st Academy if the materials are returned in the same condition as received.
  • The period of a student’s attendance is measured from the 1st day of instruction as set forth in the enrollment agreement thru the students last day of actual attendance regardless of absences. The period of time for a training program is the period set forth in the enrollment agreement. Tuition must be calculated using the tuition & fees set forth in the enrollment agreement and does not include books, educational supplies and equipment that is listed separately from the tuition & fees.
  • Excused absence: car accident, death in the family, & medical emergency.
  • Self Study/Correspondence courses begin on the day of registration. The estimated time of completion is projected over a 20 day period of time, however, the student is allowed to complete the course for certification within 6 months of registration.
  • A refund of tuition less 10% or $150, whichever is less will be granted if the student returns books and materials in the same condition received within 7 days of self study registration.
  • A termination fee of 10% of tuition or $150, whichever is less for cancellation up to the 15th day. All tuition will be forfeited for cancellations after the 15th day.

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