Frequently Asked Questions

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Prices include your text book, online study code, and CPSE fees.

The full course is a traditional classroom instruction for those that are new to the industry or have not been in school for a long time.

Traditionally a 5 day class.

"Fast Track" classes are a self-study course that utilizes the aide of an instructor in a classroom setting.

Fast track is perfect for those who need to review key points with an instructor without being able to spend as much time in the classroom.

Self Study provides the opportunity for you to study your own way on your own time. It offers the same conveniences as the classroom such as the online simulator and your book.

There is no classroom time.


Yes, all of our courses are designed to meet the credit hour requirements set by the Department of Insurance.

The Refresher Course is a course for students who are struggling on their studies or with the state exam, this course allows the student to come back and sit in another class if the student meets the requirements

You should bring your book, highlighters, notepad, and pens.

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